Gds Integration Services

GDS Integration Services

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What is GDS Integration System?

The world has become more obsessed with travelling and the process of executing a travel plan has become easier with online booking of flights, hotels, and car rentals, to name a few. This is why (GDS) Integration has become a crucial aspect for businesses involved in the tourism sector. This global computerized booking network facilitates travel brands like yours with ease of doing business and simplifying the booking process for your end client.

It works like a single point of access for flight ticket assistance and other similar travel assortment for agencies, agents, and other major companies occupied in the same field. So if you are a travel business running operations in Canada, getting GDS Software onboard is the solution to grow whereas SkyTrust is your solution provider.

What We Offer

Unlike any other GDS service-providing company in Canada, we at SkyTrust make sure that your brand gets to make the most of this tech of the 21st century and expand your business as per your vision. Our diverse suite of services includes the following.

Direct API Integration Icon

Direct API Integration

No business can move toward its goal and achieve its vision without a proper strategy. Our expert team at SkyTrust will help you not only understand your business but also have better customer insights so a well-planned blueprint can be drafted to drive you on the path of growth.

Amadeus GDS Integration Icon

Amadeus GDS Integration

Witnessing bottlenecks in any business operations is not a new story. However, resolving them with business consulting companies’ assistance can give it another turn. Our operational improvement services can streamline yoru workflows, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Sabre Integration Icon

Sabre Integration

Our HCM solutions will help you organize the workforce of one and each department of your organization. With the right strategy implementation and optimization, your people and operations can be streamlined without much hassle so you can bank on its benefits.

Travelport GDS Icon

Travelport GDS (Galileo and Worldspan)

Our financial consulting services ensure healthy financial management. We have a team of financial consultants who can guide you on how to have sound financial planning in place, how to set and go ahead with your budget, how to utilize finance or budget forecasting, etc

XML/API Integration Icon

XML/API Integration

Our digital business consulting service will help you become more aware of your industry, the landscape where your operations are running, and analyse the competition as well as your own positioning in the market. It includes the assessment of market size, growth, demand-supply gap analysis, price point analysis, value chain, and competitor analysis, to name a few.

Choose SkyTrust?

With expertise in digital transformation enhancement, we aim to assist you in GDS API Integration that gets you, not just desired results but also exceeds your expectations. And this is why you must choose SkyTrust over any other GDS service provider, any day.

Continuous Delivery Model

Continuous Delivery Model Icon

We will make sure that your team works in tandem with our team of industry’s best minds which includes skilled developers, certified scrum masters, product owners, and more. Their agile mindset and working style will help you capitalize on your business value and ROI.

Client Engagement

Client Engagement Icon

Achieving customer satisfaction in a short span of time is our priority, and that is why we start by engaging them throughout the integration process. Their continuous feedback helps us deliver solutions as per their business requirements.

Robust Security

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Our GDS integration specialists follow the best security practices in the industry that include authentication, safe APIs, secure and smooth payment integration, and regular security updates. All these small steps ensure that the system is safe for everyone’s use.


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The team uses DevOps to have better collaboration, ensure the quality of software, and least time taken to market the offering. Their regular feedback-taking practice is another step toward an improved app release and deployment.

Product Engineering

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We follow industry standard best practices to help you stay ahead of your competitors in not just the Canadian but also the international market. From the point of ideation of the project till its launch, we are game to provide for any GDS need of yours.

Global Network

Global Network Icon

Other than catering to travel businesses in Canada, SkyTrust has a global presence in the US, the UK, UAE, India and Australia. This international presence ensures global skill set is utilized to cater to local and global markets likewise, following global industry standards.

Mark Your Digital Presence with GDS Integration Services by SkyTrust

As the GDS integration system has ties to all major airlines, it brings your travel booking services in Canada to par with established global brands. And SkyTrust helps you leap toward that goal. Book a demo today to get started.


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It is a simple process of connecting your travel agency's booking system to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) which helps you with the booking of flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. It is an extensive network that facilitates booking and payment transactions between travel service providers and service seekers.

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