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With an experience of more than a decade in crafting custom-built ERP solutions, we have mastered the art of premium software development to cater to one and each industry across the globe.

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Customized solutions

We can match your unique requirements that suit your business practice and keep your workflow smooth. And dealing with industry-specific ERP software needs is our forte.


Augmented Analytics

With our ERP systems, you get comprehensive control over your reporting and analytics competence. You can yield thorough insights into operations, performance metrics, and forecasts


CRM Integration

Our ERP software gives you and your business a full integration of Customer Relationship Management that allows you to supervise customer interactions, sales, and marketing campaigns


Real-Time Visibility

Our customised ERP software solutions provide you with real-time visibility into various alleys of the business. With this, you get to track the progress of your work operations and respond to issues in no time

ERP System Development - How Do We Do It

SkyTrust ERP Services

This complex multi-stage process starts with identifying the business needs, carries on with implementation, integrates it with other systems, and follows up post-deployment. In short, it takes care of the end-to-end requirement of any business.

  • System Evaluation
  • System Design and Development
  • Data Transition
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Orientation and Documentation
  • Software Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Merging and Scaling

We have ERP Software Modules for Every Niche

Our custom-built ERP solutions address several aspects of a business’s operations where each module emphasises on individual departments within the organisation. It is meticulously designed to work efficiently with the rest of the modules and offer the end user an inclusive and enhanced solution.

Finance & Accounting Services

Finance & Accounting

Human Resource Management

Human Resource

Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Management

Business Intelligence & Reporting Services

Business Intelligence & Reporting

E-Commerce & Online Sales Management

E-Commerce & Online Sales

Asset Management

Asset Management

Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Services

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Legal & Contract Management

Legal & Contract Management

Research & Development Services

Research & Development

Social Responsibility & Sustainability Services

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Manufacturing Services


Analytics Services


Rise and Thrive on Innovation Crusade

Those who are willing to change today considering their growth potential, have the ability to lead the way for others. With our ERP solutions, you can be a part of the change which gives you a better flow of workplace processes and functions. It not only automates your manual functions but also gives you a competitive advantage to stay ahead in the race of digital transformation.


Intelligent Automation

Make the most of machine learning, AI, and advanced technology to streamline your business processes.


Regular Updates

After regular intervals, your ERP systems will undergo the latest updates to keep you abreast with the evolving industry practices.


People-Centric Approach

Enhance the agility of your business and operational success with comprehensible methodologies

Don’t Just Change, Adapt to Evolve!

Our team of experts builds state-of-the-art ERP software to keep theworkflow streamlined and give the business, dynamic agility to adapt to the evolving scenario

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