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Email Marketing Services

Get closer to your audience

Grow Your Brand with the Privilege of Email Marketing.

Email marketing is the best way to directly reach your target audience’s inbox in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Gone are those days of only text-based and single-image-inclusive emailers. With changing times, the emailer has undergone drastic changes that keep the receiver engaged with the core message of the brand and encourage them to take a brand-favoring action.

It has become an in-demand strategy to build a robust customer base with advanced features like automation, content personalization, and newsletter designing, which helps engage them on a regular basis. Now it works like a constant reminder to them about the brand’s existence. Being an email marketing expert, we know the significance of utilizing the power of this strategy in a resourceful manner.

Privilege of Email Marketing
Brand Community

Build a Loyal Community around Your Brand

By delivering personalized content, exclusive offers, and valuable insights directly to subscribers' inboxes, it nurtures relationships and fosters a sense of exclusivity. Addressing customer pain points and delivering solutions deepens loyalty. With automated nurturing sequences and post-purchase follow-ups, email marketing ensures a seamless customer journey.

Consistent communication keeps your brand on top of mind, reinforcing trust and familiarity. Segmentation tailors messages, enhancing relevance and engagement. Email marketing strengthens connections, turning satisfied customers into loyal advocates who champion your brand and contribute to its sustainable growth. We at SkyTrust are not just a digital transformation company, but a specialist in bulk email marketing services who is familiar with every nuance of this field.

Email Marketing Funnel

Building the Email Marketing Funnel

Do you want to attract loyal customers and brand advocates? This email marketing funnel nurtures a unique Omnichannel experience for every user. With our customized ‘one-size doesn’t fit all’ strategy, we ensure to maximize the ROI of every touchpoint. Email marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to build and maintain relationships with their audience, drive sales, and achieve various marketing objectives when done effectively.

There are numerous email marketing platforms available that can assist in creating and managing email campaigns. And we, being a thriving email marketing agency make the most of these platforms, combined with our unique strategies aimed at driving the best result of your investment. We don’t just leave it up to the algorithm to keep things going, rather our industry professionals keep a constant eye on the entire process and keep optimizing it for not just better, but the best outcome.

Experience is Apparent in the Evidence

Email Marketing ROI

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the expected ROI is $40.

Email Marketing

Around 81% of small-medium businesses rely on emails as their primary customer retention source.

Interactive Email ROI

Creating interactive emails by adding video can accelerate the click rates by 300%.

Email Forecast

Global email users are forecasted to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025 from the current 4.3 billion.

Organic Content Distribution

Nearly 2 out of every 3 marketers distribute their content organically using email marketing.

Personalized Emails

Emails with personalized subject lines generate 51% higher open rates.

Email Design Strategy

Does your Email Design and Strategy Complement?

Do you open every email that you receive in your inbox? What if the layout or approach isn’t attractive?

Creating an attractive email design that catches the customer’s attention and a marketing copy that evokes them to take action is essential to building a loyal and vast customer base. Our email marketing experts know the trick and have mastered the art of email marketing for small businesses in Canada.

Our Core Process

SkyTrust Email Design Strategy

Email strategy development

SkyTrust List Building Segmentation

List building and segmentation

SkyTrust Content Creation

Content creation and design

SkyTrust Campaigns

Campaign deployment

SkyTrust QA Testing And Optimization

QA testing and optimization

SkyTrust Analysis

Analysis and Iteration

Our Focus Areas for Email Marketing

Design Mobile-friendly Emails

With an increased mobile-savvy population, people are likely to delete emails that are not mobile-optimized. However, our experts create customized, well-optimized emails for desktop and mobile use so your message stays in their inbox to execute the purpose.

Create Impactful Subject Lines

Email Deliverability

Inclusive Strategy

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