6 Tools For Driving Sales Productivity

Jan 25, 2024


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Any business relies on its sales team which can help it grow exponentially. Whether it is involved in the products or services industry, it certainly needs the assistance of a sales team to expand and tap into opportunities from segments it hasn’t reached out to before. In other words, the sales team is the brain and soul of an organization that drives it to the path of success. 

Significance of Salesforce in an Organization

  • Adaptable to Change: the market (be it any industry or niche) is an ever-evolving landscape that can be anything, anytime. If your salesforce can adapt to any market fluctuation, it is not only helping you stay ahead of the competition but also meeting the evolving customer demands. 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): it is the sales team that ensures keeping customer relationship management in check by building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. They know it is vital for the long-term success of the organization, hence they make sure that customer satisfaction and loyalty stay intact.
  • Employee Motivation: when the sales team works within a culture of achievements, we can say it is aiming for organizational success. Whatever they achieve, it contributes toward boosting not just their but also the entire organization’s positive morale and motivation, keeping up the competitive spirit. 
  • Face of the Brand: as they represent the brand (being the brand face), it is their sole responsibility to shape and maintain the image of the brand. They are the key connection between the client and the organization so they have to ensure that a professional perspective is promoted among everyone that contributes toward enhancing the overall brand image. 
  • Market Expansion: it is the core responsibility and moral obligation of a salesperson to expand the market reach of their business while identifying and chasing new opportunities in the industry. They do not shy away from entering new territories and approaching new customers in order to diversify their customer base.
  • Revenue Maker: it is not one of ‘the’, rather it is ‘The Core’ function of salesforce to generate revenue for the organization. It is their effective selling techniques, relationship-building, and being empathetic toward the customer needs, that help them contribute to the company's financial success.
  • Problem-Solving Trait: because salespersons are directly in touch with the end customer, they have to work on resolving their problems and make their brand experience as smooth as possible. Their problem-solving skill and being quick on their feet are crucial to the brand’s value.
  • Unified Collaboration: as sales teams need to collaborate with different departments within the organization that include marketing, product development, customer support, etc., a holistic collaboration is expected from the same. All in all, it ensures a unified customer experience.

Top 6 Tools for Driving Sales Productivity

Now we are coming to enhancing the sales productivity of salesforce. There are numerous techniques and tools that are vital for measuring the same. These tools are specifically designed to simplify business processes, enrich communication, and facilitate sales teams with valuable insights for efficient performance. These tools are:

1. Fresh sales 

With built-in email and phone capabilities, Freshsales is a CRM platform that also keeps lead scoring and sales automation on track. The salesforce of Canada can not only manage their sales pipelines but also improve their engagement with prospects. One can say it is an AI-enabled reporting system that simplifies the business process for all.

2. HubSpot

When it comes to managing contacts, tracking sales leads, or analyzing sales at the end of the day, then HubSpot CRM is the tool one needs. This all-inclusive CRM solution simply helps you streamline your sales process and keep things on track, ensuring a smooth flow of work that gets you better sales-driven results.


This global AI-integrated platform where one can analyze sales calls and meetings, and further bank on its sales forecasting features. Suppose you are a salesperson, you can simply get valuable insights for your business as you can have a look at customer interactions and feedback that will help you rework strategies that didn’t work out in the first place and resolve their queries if any.

4. Proposify

This proposal and document management tool can be useful for any sales team across any industry. Whether it is a proposal, contract, or any other relevant sales document, Proposify can help streamline the creation and management of one and each. Being a Canada-based CRM solution, it knows the domestic market very well.

5. Pipedrive

It is a sales CRM that is exclusively designed to assist the sales team in administering deals as well as tracking communication. Its features include –activity reminders, customizable pipelines, and integrations with other (similar) productivity tools. For the salesperson’s convenience, it is available on web applications and mobile apps too.

6. ZoomInfo

It is more of a lead generation tool to collect all the relevant contacts and company information that might be of your interest and use. With it, you can classify and categorize potential customers, whom you can reach out to without much hassle. It makes your sales efforts efficient and smooth. 


Sales teams are anyway doing wonders, driving businesses toward their success and global expansion, and these 6 tools are further simplifying their jobs, keeping them more stress-free than before. That is the power of digital transformation that it can give you your dream life if the opportunity is utilized well. If you own a business in Canada and want your sales team to bank on every opportunity while experiencing a smooth flow of their work and efforts, get in touch with SkyTrust, your digital transformation partner as we can make it happen.

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